Our Story

Discover the essence of skincare exfoliation with a uniquely focused brand. Inspired by the brilliance of Eastern beauty traditions, Melody Akhavan and Sus Tsuchihashi, lifelong friends of Middle Eastern and Japanese heritage, proudly present the benefits of exfoliation techniques inherited from their respective ancestries. Dermasuri seamlessly merges their cultural legacies to deliver products suited for the modern era.

"Derma" signifies the skin, while in Arabic, "Suri" translates to the captivating hue skin acquired through enhanced blood circulation. Simultaneously, in Japanese, it represents the art of scrubbing.

Our products pay homage to Eastern cleansing traditions. The hammam (Turkish and Arabic), jjimjilbang (Korean), and onsen (Japanese) traditions are centuries old, involving a deep exfoliation using a uniquely woven fabric which visibly removes dry skin instantly. We’re talking layers and layers of dry skin. No chemicals. No need for soap. What’s left—velvety soft skin. Skin like you haven’t felt in forever.

For a total body experience, our Foot Spray and File will revive dry, cracked heels like no other—leveraging Moroccan mint, a tried and true antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.